Facebook post from 4/8/17 declaring my candidacy for Mayor of Yelm

Today I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Yelm. For the first time in over a decade, Yelm will have a contested race and a choice in who leads our city. If elected, I will become the youngest Mayor (at 30 years old) and the first Mayor of Asian heritage (my mother was born in Korea) that Yelm has ever had since its incorporation in 1924.

Yelm is my hometown and where I grew up. I’ve seen this city grow tremendously over those years. I can remember when Yelm had only a single stoplight, before we had Safeway, Walmart, or even McDonalds. We had a population back then around 1,300 people. Yelm has grown up very quickly. From 2000-2010 we were one of the fastest growing cities in Washington and continue to be the fastest growing city in Thurston County.

In 2015 I was elected to the Yelm City Council with just under 65% of the vote. This last year I was voted “The Best Elected Official” by the readers of the Nisqually Valley News. I think one of the biggest things people appreciate about me, is that I kept my campaign promises. I know, it’s kind of novel for a politician to keep his word. I campaigned to increase public safety (we hired a new police officer for the first time in over a decade), to prevent water rates from rising (I opposed raising rates when it was brought up in a study session and will continue to do so), to increase transparency (for the first time ever we video record our study sessions), and to provide more recreational activities for both youth and adults (still working on this but I opened talks with the YMCA and we are closer than ever to building a branch in Yelm).

As Mayor, public safety will continue to be my priority and on day one I will work with our Chief of Police and City Administrator to develop a sustainable plan to get our police force to at least 2 officers on duty at all times. I will also shift my focus onto the local economy and support our local businesses to ensure they thrive. I have spoken with many of the business owners in Yelm and have developed plans that will reduce regulations and allow them to really succeed and grow. I will also bring in new jobs, paying family wages and diversify the type of businesses we have in Yelm. A strong rebranding and expansion of our sleepy industrial park is desperately needed. Coupled with an increase of freight mobility by improving our infrastructure, Yelm will attract small manufacturing plants such as those that supply companies like Boeing and Microsoft. I will reach out personally to these companies and find out exactly what they need to be successful in Yelm.

Lastly, I will use my 7+ years working for and with Federal, State, and local governments to leverage more funding for Yelm than we have ever seen. Having worked mainly for the State Legislature I will focus efforts on State grants to improve our roads and develop new infrastructure instead of putting it on the backs of our businesses and local tax payers. We must complete the Yelm Loop and alleviate the traffic congestion we face daily and create new connections to get people to their destinations quicker. Also, the Bald Hills Road section that floods just about every year has been and will continue to be a priority for me that will be fixed under my watch.

I could go on and on about my vision for Yelm and I will, during my campaign and up until the election in November. If you want more information or wish to support me by donating to my campaign, you can do so on my website at JoeDePinto.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and if you ever want to chat or meet me, send me a message. I run this page myself and am very responsive.

I don’t care about your socioeconomic status, your religion, your sex, your political party or anything else, if you are a member of this community I am your public servant and will represent you fully. Yelm has so much potential and I would be honored to lead and represent you as Mayor. #ThisIsOURTown #Yelm

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learning more about me.

My name is Joe DePinto, and in 2015 I was elected to the Yelm City Council. It is my honor to serve the fine community of Yelm and to make certain that the city is serving you fully. I highly value being a voice of the people and will listen and respond to everyone who contacts me. My priorities and goals as a council member include completion of the Yelm Bypass (SR 510), keeping water rates and other utilities from rising, ensure our public safety is adequately funded, and ensuring an efficient and accessible city government. Please check out the rest of my website and feel free to ask me questions or voice your concerns and opinions on how our city is being run. Thanks again for visiting my site.

"I'm Joe DePinto, and this is OUR town!"